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7 Common Toilet Problems

When the toilet is not working correctly, for sure, there is a problem. Toilet has different parts. But the main is the tank: consists of a flush valve and fill valve. The flush valve lets water gush into the bowl every flushing while the fill valve refills the tank after the flush. Intermittent functioning of the toilet without a halt is a sign that one part is faulty or might be the whole part in general. Every individual has different procedures on how to fix the toilet, depends on the causes.

DIY's might be helpful if you can manage to follow the steps accurately. Since we know that this is a plumbing job, it is best to call an expert for more reliable fixes and for the most dependable solution like the plumber in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Clogs

Flushing of foreign objects in the drain can cause clog causing water to back up. Aside from human waste, paper products such as toilet paper and wipes can build up in pipes. Having kids is another concern because they might flush down accidentally small toys down the sink.

2. Destroyed Flapper Valve

Toilet parts out of order are another common cause of bathroom problems. A flapper is the toilet piece that grants water to move from the well to the toilet bowl and fill it after using it. A deteriorating flapper valve can cause your toilet to flush on its own or run continuously, causing the bill to arise. A flapper valve is defective or wore down overtime causing it not to function

3. Worn Washer Bolts.

If you are always looking for random puddles of water under the toilet tank, there is a likely explanation. One waster bolts wear out.

4. Loose Connections

Poor connections are another cause of a leaky toilet. This incident is typical for pieces that get out of place over time, even in bathrooms. Rubber linings, for example, can be worn, allowing water to drip.

5. Condensation

Condensation can lead you to find water on your bathroom floor. A poorly insulated tank can cause condensation, thanks to cold air. If this is the case, call a professional to approach and cover the bathroom's affected areas with insulating liners.

6. Broken Tank

When you neglect a crack in the tank while it is still not visible, it can lead to multiple issues in the long run. The fixture of your bathroom may need to have a replacement in a while. And the bill will skyrocket as you get to notice.

7. Sewer Line Clog

Sewer clog and blockages are horrible. Your water system gets to produce a musty smell. It might be on your toilet down to the pipe connections.

Friendly Advice

To avoid complex problems, immediately consult an expert when you notice one of those issues mentioned to find a better solution.


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