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How to Prevent the Harmful Effects of Chlorine

Study shows that chlorine has dangerous effects on the body. However, we use it in protecting water from harmful pathogens and for disinfection.

Some households use chlorine for cleaning purposes and eliminating stains, especially for white fabrics. 

Pools are being maintained by chlorine to let water last for days and believe to impedes bacteria growth.

Bad Effects of Chlorine

There are advantages and disadvantages of using chlorine: it may be useful for disinfection, but too much is risky for human health because it is a toxic chemical.

•    Effects on the brain - In most households, chlorine is present in treated tap water that people often use. Disinfection of drinking water is a preventive measure to eliminate bacteria but has serious concerns due to adverse health effects, including dementia in elderly patients. 

•    Effects on the lungs -  Inhaling chlorine gas can cause difficulty breathing.  Affected people will experience chest pains, cough, eye irritation, increased heartbeat, rapid breathing, or worst, death. Inhalation is mostly happening in the swimming pool. Enough amount of chlorine is diluted on the swimming pool to kill a scum without affecting humans.

The theory is to balance not harming swimmers during the whole day of soaking in the pool. Research studies support this kind of approach. But we cannot avoid the fact that not all pool owners know enough of the amount needed to dilute. Too much exposure to chlorinated pools can cause asthma as researched by Marywood University.

Safety Procedures of Chlorine Exposure

•    Water Filtration - safe process that can make freshwater right from your kitchen faucet or your fridge's water and ice dispenser. Plus, it removes dissolved minerals and contaminants from the water. For professional help, visit a plumber in  McAdenville, NC.

•   Get fresh air - Leave the area where chlorine is exposed. To inhale fresh air is effective in reducing exposure to chlorine. Moving away from the field is advisable to people with breathing problems.

•    Wash the Body - Quickly remove your clothing, wash your entire body with soap and water, and quickly get medical care. Rinse off chemicals from your eyes for 10 minutes or more. Detach anything you wear and wash them before wearing them again: it would be like a hair cap, eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc.

•    Dispose of the Clothing - Take off the clothes exposed to chlorine. Seal or separate the clothing into a plastic bag. In this way, you and other people will be safe from any chemicals on your clothes.

•    Do not carry the plastic bag as possible - Inform either the local or state health department or emergency personnel upon arrival. Exposure to this chemical will prevent you from inhaling it. Helping out others in removing their clothing as well, avoid touching contaminated areas.

•    If accidentally swallowed pool water, seek medical advice as soon as possible.


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