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What Professional Know about Blocked Drains


Professionals who are more designated for plumbing problems such as blocked drains have more reliable fixes than ordinary people have. What are used by plumbers, contractors, and drainage companies to resolve blocked drains? Depending on where the blockage occurs, and after performing a full analysis, there are many options that they precisely targeted right after verification.

Some Guides of an Expert

Blocked drains are that stubborn and, most of the time, it starts with grease, small particles, or foreign objects. These kinds of problems are what the drain cleaning McAdenville, NC expert can correctly solve.

·         Chemicals dissolve fats, greases, and solvents that allow discarded items to become loose, which can be removed.

·         If the blockage is severe, a high-powered jet washer may be used to clean it. The pressure is so high that it can destroy most clogged drains and some breakable items in the pipe, thus removing the blockages.

·    Jetting drains are the most-friendly way to care for drains because chemicals solvent is not advised to clean items from the pipe. It is an option to protect wildlife from any harmful substances and keeps the soil in a place clean of toxins. 

·    For hard blockages, a drain auger can be used to clean the pipe. It can be used in a cutting operation if there are large particles inside the line. 

·      Some blockages are due to tree roots, corrosion of pipes or incorrect installation, etc. Plumbing companies now use a camera to conduct a drain inspection to understand the problem without having to dig property. Early detection is the most recommended step of all.

Common Reasons Why Drains Block

Broken Pipes. Pipes that were built for centuries become older, which are prone to cracks, leakages, and corrosion. Massive repair is required.

Poor maintenance. Neglecting the periodical schedule of cleaning the pipes can cause significant damage in the future. It is a good habit to clean it twice a month.

Incorrect installation. If the house's structure, together with the drainage system, is not stable, the pipes will damage easily due to wrong fittings. Camera inspection is important.

Grease. As the fats solidify in the pipes, it became stubborn, causing significant issues. The homeowner should habitually segregate the used cooking oils into a glass container and throw it in the garbage.

Hair. As the buildup of most hair in the sink clump in the pipes, they can cause clogs in your drain. Using a drain cap can solve the problem.

Trees. Infiltration of roots to the corners of the pipes is another culprit that requires professional repair.


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